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It’s been too long old friend

It’s been a while since I last wrote in my blog. Sorry about that. I would love to bore you with my excuses of being busy for school, what with having tests and such things…but the truth is, i haven’t been studying. Naughty me! The reason, or at least one reason why i haven’t been to my blog till now, dear folks, is because i didn’t go to school on thursday and friday.

And because i didn’t go to school, ¬†and my sister’s laptop which i use for things like blogging and such things, was turned off and i didn’t know the password, and because she’s like “You can only use it if and when you go to school”, so i wasn’t allowed and couldn’t do it even if i tried. Sorry, sorry, sorry times a million.

I have a bio internal tomorrow. Oh my gosh. I’ve passed it last year (don’t ask about this!), but i’m still quite worried about it because i still need to learn definitions and such things, I haven’t gotten feedback on the practise test i emailed my teacher because I emailed it on sunday and she wrote back today saying; “You DO know the test is tomorrow, right?” Gulp. No, I didn’t know that. Oh my, oh my. what am I going to do?

I can only thank god and my lucky stars that i went to school today. I was feeling up to it but honestly; it’s a push! Well, that smell of meat is calling me to dinner. So good bye for now. Just a heads up; I’ve borrowed a book about web writng, so I expect to improve in terms of my writing and content. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


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