Did you know this?

I think I might change my blog site to “library nerd”. haha. Anyways, you know what I’ve found out today? that there are computers in the library near my school AND it free to use. Yeah, I just signed up for it and used it for about two hours today. Man, the library has so much to offer you know what I mean? Like before, I loved to buy books because I wanted it to be mine and only borrowed in school library.-and then I’d cringe if the book there is something I had bought. And now, I’m requesting books and putting them on hold to the left and the right. I don’t even know where these books come from, but they come alright.

And now? Instead of always using my sister’s laptop-like I’m doing right now-I can go to the library and use the computers for 3 hours a day! Yippee!

This will definitely be nice for both me and my sister. Me, because I worry about over using her laptop. And for her, it’d be nice to not have someone hogging it all the time. Also, I don’t like mac books after what happened to my teachers. (If you’re interested for these school stories, leave a comment below and I’ll write a blog post on what happened).

So, I’m starting to really like the library both as a reader and a writer. I’m also respecting the library a lot more. I remember in yr 8, I didn’t want to be a librarian, but now, I don’t know, maybe I could be and it cold be fun. -or i could also volunteer. I’m quite into that idea.

Ciao Xx Ching


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