How to write a book review

It is all too difficult to explain someone how to do something and why or how something works and why. This is because what may work for me, may not work for you. What may be clear instructions to me, may not be to you. Indeed, you gets to choose what is “easy” and what is “hard”? Everyone would know in general that calculus is hard, yet most people would rather take calculus than stats. Anyways, going away from school things, this is a “How to” on writing book reviews, composed by me from various internet sources.

How to write a book review:

Read the book first. This is pretty common sense.

  1. Write the author’s name, the title of the novel/story, the genre, publication date and publisher.
  2. Write a brief synopsis or overview of the story
  3. State your thesis (are you recommending this book?), and provide an introduction which highlights all the points covered in review
  4. Point one: what do you like about it? Name something broad so that you can talk a lot about it. This is namely the “first body paragraph” but can take more than one paragraph. It’s better to have two middle sized paragraphs, then one big one.
  5. Point two: What do you like about it? Or you can answer something else such as What did the book make you think about? -a theme question. But you would still have to mention one scene that showed this.
  6. Point three: What do you like about it? Is there a favourite scene or a favourite character? If so, why? what didn’t you like? If you’re answering these two questions, then these are two separate points. However, if you are recommending a novel/story, it’s best to not say anything negative about it.

Then you have finished draft one of the review. The next step would be to edit but wait a while. Because I am going to be writing book reviews, I will follow these instructions and then wait a while. After that, I will post a “How to improve your book review”. Then, I will post my book reviews. So stay tune for all of that happening!

Also, please feel free to write something in the comment below. How do you write book reviews? What good books have you read recently? Or, maybe you’re not so keen on reading, if so, why?

Take care.



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