Write practise

This post goes to the Write practise. I have been a subscriber to them for many months and though I don’t always read what they send me, with the exception of today, I really admire their work and their successfulness. I reccommend everyone who is following my blog as well as anyone else reading this and anyone who likes to write, to subscribe to “the write practise”, read their posts and do their 15 practises because it’ll help you.

I have wanted to do exercises or warm ups before I write my story for a while now, but i haven’t really been able to do that until i actually read the stuff in my inbox (sent by write practise), and actually did the practises at the end of each posts. I’ve done this three times and i’ve got to say that it’s actually fun; something that has been missing in my writing for a while. I mean, i’d like to think and say that writing is fun for me, but it hasn’t really been like that because it’s been planning and sitting on my butt when i don’t want to, and always thinking “I need to write right now, I need to write,” when I’m doing something like sleeping, or doing my school work, or eating, or hanging out with my friends. These things are important too you know. But doing the practises posted at the end of every blog post in “write practise” is really fun, I can do it in my own time, i’m not pressured to do them everyday if at all. And i do them because I want to do them which is something I sorely miss; to write because I love it and I want to do it. Although, i’m not going to lie; there’s a benefit to feeling compelled to HAVE to write everyday. It all comes to discipline I suppose, that, and having felt how hard it can be, how joyous and fun it can be. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

My own DIY practise:

What makes you happy? What gets you up in the morning? Write in the comments below.

And now for the practise:

Write about a time where you felt totally free from everything, totally relaxed and doing something that is fun instead of feeling like a chore or work.

Another practise:

Write about a time where the thing you loved doing became a burden that you had to do everyday or month. You used to love it when you had the time, but with uni or whatever’s happening in your life, this hobby/thing that you love is just taking up too much time.

Have a good day always.

-Ching Ern Yeh


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