Time management

“Yes, can i have one bottle of Time Management please?”

You can but almost anything from a super market or trade me. And with the evolution and new discoveries of modern science, we can create almost anything using stem cells. There are so many possibilities. but there is still things money can’t and will never be able to buy. One of those things is Time management. Often we over look this becasue we simply don’t have the time to “deal” with it but whether you like it or not, we all need time management skills and most of us have poor skills of this.

We need time management in school, whether for NCEA or school exams and homework. And we need it as we get older, moving into uni and work. We need it for outside of work, to balance between work, family, other commitments and so on. There are so many things we want to do in a day, but often, we don’t do even half of those things because other things to do, comes up on the priority list. Take it from me.

Recently, I’ve needed to really look at my time management skills and realise that not only is there not much to look at, but that this is a really big problem in my life, for the short term and the long run as well. So on monday night, I create a little to do list from tuesday to friday to split the things i need to do into manageable chunks. The reason why i couldn’t do everything i wanted to do on monday, was because there were too much stuff to do and because i was at my friend’s house for almost the whole day, or at least for the whole chunk of the day. On tuesday, i went to corn wall park and one tree hill with my friends, but i managed to do everything on the list for tuesday, everything, that is, except for writing a short story.

Today, I couldn’t use my sister’s laptop until around 6ish pm. That was because it’s her laptop so she uses it whenever she wants to. But before then, I used my time pretty well by reading a lot. I’m reading the divergent series and i’m onto the last book. I also wrote a chapter or a little bit less than a chapter to my newest story; Bridget Jone’s daughter. It’s also a diary and it’s about yr 7 and 8. Even though i started out writing as a girl in yr 7, i’m still hesitating whether i should start at yr 7 or 8 becasue yr 8 seems a bit more “interesting” with lots more things to write than yr 7. On the other hand, i know i need to take this slowly because since this is based on my real life and experiences and feelings and stuff, i want to go slowly and not crash and burn. Words hurt, you know, words hurt…The story may be therapy story i.e. not to be sold publicly ANYwhere.

But the bottom line is, I used my time wisely. Maybe I could’ve written a bit more with my other novel, and maybe I could’ve written one short story, but otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good about myself and about what I’ve done today. It’s slowly but surely getting there and ticking everything off my to do list for Wednesday.

IT’s the first week of the holidays and 1. it sucks that I have so much school stuff to do and 2. it sucks that it’s already wednesday.

Tomorrow, I have to plan the things that i want/need to do around a visit from my cousin, Gloria who’s 12 yrs old, not at all in my BJ diary book, and is coming at 9am for the whole day pretty much.

I’m still learning about time management and truthfully, i’m not overly enthusiastic about learning more about it but I have to and i will with google. Also, from you guys. Please say something int he comments below. Do you like this blog post? is it boring? What do you have to say about time management?


Ching Ern Yeh


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