Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. As a chistrian, Easter means more to me than the average chocolate loving person. I love chocolate yes, but i also love easter because of what it means in my life and religion. Easter is the day when Jesus Christ, my saviour rose from the dead. He broke the gates of hell and gave us freedom. He gave us everlasting life. I don’t mean to preach, sorry. Maybe i’m more of an evangelism than any other kind of christian despite being pentecostal.

Last week, I helped out at children’s church and we had an easter hunt. Needless to say, some kids went a little bit crazy on their hunt to find chocolate easter eggs. I don’t even know how chocolate eggs and easter linked together. Apparently it’s about “the way of life” as the leader had said in the easter party. And like the boy at the back said; “This doesn’t make any sense”. Lol. Seriously, i could’ve cracked up if i wasn’t a leader, was still a kid.

Anyways, I don’t know if you re-read things you’ve already read before, but I’ve fixed up some of my earlier posts, so if you want you can re read them and give me comments? Please? I would really love some comments.

Also, if ever you have the time, please go on Wattpad, register and then find me. I don’t have any stories uploaded at the moment, but if you could just follow me for the time being, and i’ll be sure to post things soon. I’ll let you know. Plus, there are heaps of writers on wattpad that are far better writers and readers than me. So check it out.

That’s all from me for now. Happy Easter. Take care and God bless.


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