Oscar the prankster

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fool Me Once.”

Oscar was many things. He was a friend, he was a  jokster, he was a dare devil and stunt men. But once every year, on the first of April, he was the prankster. To show you what i mean, read the following, which I found on the wall, right next to wendy’s cafe and signed by the most awesome and clever oscar.

“I bet you don’t know you I am

I am writing to you, maybe you know that

I bet you didn’t know that I could write

Actually I’m not writing, I’m doing grafitti

I am awesome. I am a dork. I am useless. I am not better than Oscar. Oscar is da bomb, da bees knees. Oscar is the one and only me. If you are reading this right now, please read it again, but aloud, nice and big and sassy. Thank you. -Oscar.”

I couldn’t figure out how it was a trick, but let’s just say, I wouldn’t want to be caught on photo standing next to the wall like some idiot who couldn’t read english.


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April 2, 2015 · 9:16 pm

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