Too lazy

I’m in my last year of high school, year 13. I have an internal that I have to hand in tomorrow. The only thing is, the bastard thing isn’t done yet. I could do it now. in fact, i should be doing it now instead of writing my blog and listening to music on you tube by artists who i’ve never known until right now. I’m actually kind of liking this music and i think that pop has way too much spotlight time, so much so that you only kind of know about pop and liking anything else is considered wierd and abnormal.

BUT anyways, besides all that, i don’t feel comfortable at all. I’m kicking myself for not handing it in as a final draft earlier, for not being good enough, for not having the courage to do it right now and get it fnished instead of watiing for tomorrow to do it when i would only hasve 45 minutes to fnish it before bi o lesson. Have yu ever felt like you were useless? worthless


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