Roald dalh

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ghostwriter.”

Auckland, New Zealand

Down under

Near the super market

Dear Roald Dahl,

I am 6 years old today and would really like to meet you. I loved you as The BFG, with the tallness and the big ears. You probably know what it feels like to be taller than everyone else like my frined sophia. You probably also know what it’s like to have bigger ears than everyone else. My dog has big floppy ears and every adult including the vet lady says that it’s not good for this dog to have large floppy ears. But i don’t understand what’s wrong with him. I love him and he’s perfect to me, just fart on my face sometimes when i’m sleeping, but that’s it.

So please come visit me and Dexter. I live really close to the super market so we can walk there and buy as many food as you want.

And you’d have to come on a plane whihc would be exciting on you since you probably have never been on a place. There was a 100 year old man in the news recently, who had boarded a plane for the first time in his life. Imagine that! waiting 100 years to board a plane. I only waited for 3 years but i don’t remember that trip. I remember the others though, those trips to Singapore, when ! was 5 years old because that was last year for my 5th birthday present. We didn’t go this year because we are saving up on a car.

So please come visit me Roald Dahl. I’ll be waiting for you, in room 6D, looking out the window, waiting for something magical to begin brewing.

The End

I wonder if Roald Dahl could’ve written a biography on me based on this letter written for him. I wouldn’t mind if he made things up, just like with any of his other stories, loosely based on real life things and people, like a peach, or an orphan girl, or a tall man. I am after all, someone’s creation, something who God  thought up a long time ago and decided to create even though I am failing in bio, and i can’t write a book to save my life.

Also, please note that I realise that some of my posts aren’t proofread, so i will fix that up, but this may take a while. Sorry for the inconvenience and please try to ignore those kind of mistakes as much as possible. Also, comments are appreciated and if you leave a comment, I’ll be sure to leave you one too!

you. Please come and visit me one day as a gift to me for my 6th birthday. Today was my birthday prty and it was really fun. really fun.


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March 26, 2015 · 7:56 am

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