School exams final year

Hi guys. So School is a big part of my life so i think that most of my blog posts are going to have something to do with school including this post here. This post is in reply to the “daily post” word prompt, “sink or swim”. I don’t see why i need to provide a link to their website. I hope you don’t mind.


It’s 2014. Last year of school forever. But you have a little problem with your mind. Despite that, you’re in school. Today, you are taking your mock exam for bio. You enter the hall and sit down. The exam starts. You open the first paper; evolution. In 15 minutes, you’ve finished that booklet. Yuo go tot he other two booklets. Another 15 or 20 minutes have gone past and you’re done. You open one paper and attempt to read the mess tyou’ve made to fix anything but you can’t and you quickly close the book.

It’s hopless to try to fix it or to change things. It’s finished. it’s done. it’s over. You can’t do anything. sink or swim.

You start to sing.

Just mouthing the words, not actually singing a loud. After all, you’re a shy person.

People are looking at you. some people are laughing. Even the teachers seem amused. You don’t care. You don’t mind. There’s somethign  wrong with your brain by the way.

The bell finally rings. it’s been 3 hours. it’s done and it’s over. The mocks, i mean, are over.m Sink or swim.

Well, i don’t think i was swimming very well.

But i haven’t sunk yet.

There is still the final exams (which i still didn’t do so well in), and i have this year as well to really prove myself and give it all i’ve got.


Moral of the story? Whether or not you have a medical condition, whether or not you have a mum, or a hundred caregivers trying to help you and coax you and tell you what to do, it’s up to you to make the move. Your success and your failure all falls on your shoulder and yours alone so don’t blame anyone else. This is your effort or lack of effort. You know what i mean. Try your best and your hardest and be consistent.



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