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From now onwards, when referring to the website and blog, The write practise, i’m going to say TWP, okay? Okay. TWP has written a blog post on How to stay popular in a group. Last year, I wen to my school’s writing group. I hated it. First of all, there were no boys there. Second of all, It sucked balls. TWP says, “However, at the same time, a bad writers group can be a waste of time, and if particularly dysfunctional, can even be incredibly damaging to your confidence and your writing.”

I felt that it was a waste of my lunch time.s i didn’t want a group who didn’t even talk to each other, didn’t share, didn’t do anything really. You go to any cultural group, then you have a taste of writer’s group. We were bums. We had really good yr 13 writers who people would’ve listened to if they had anything planned for us, but no real leader.

TWP offers The Oreo method for critiquing. This is because a good writer’s group s one that gives feedback. This means that you also need to be good at u other people’s work and giving good feedback.

Oreo Method:

Step one: Give positive praise

The good part about an orea, is not the filling, bu tthe two cookies. Positive praise is represented by the two cookies of the oreo that cna then be dunked in milk to make chocolate milk!

  • What is unique or effective about their writing style?
  • What did you enjoy or respect about their characters?
  • What is a phrase or paragraph that especially stood out to you? Why?
  • Which authors that you’ve read do they remind you of?

The golden rule to critiquing is: “Seek first to understand, not to be understood”.

If you can’t give positive feedback, then you’re not reading closely enough.

Please, please take this to heart. I was once on We book and as i wanted feedback and readers, i went to read many people’s stories and gave them feedback. But i kept telling them what was wrong with the thing because i myself want feedback so i can improve on my story and my writing skills. However, it got to the point where i became a hater and things got really bad, that i ended up regretting everything i’ve ever written including my own stories, and i stopped going on we book after that. So please remember to say something positive first.

Step 2: Give constructive feedback

This is the “filling” part, the negative feedback.

Be as specific as possible. Say what didn’t work.

Step 3: Give more positive praise

This is the other cookie at the end.

People will more likely be able to take the “hit” of the negative feedback, if there’s a spoonful of sugar, or maybe two, per every negativity.

What’s the point of this?

I’m not just pasting and copying of another blog for no reason than because i want a fight. No, no. I’m a very peaceful person. But I’m doing this and will do this again because my intention was to do the practise part of the blog, onto my own website, but that kind of failed, since the practise is to “critique”. However, if you want to form a writing group with me, please contact me in the comments down below. I’d love to hear from you. I don’t know how to get your email address in a safe way, but i’m sure we’ll find some way of forming an online writer’s group.



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