I want to be ruined

I know of a good addiction that will ruin you. When I say ‘ruin’ I mean massive changes in your life, mass destruction of your beliefs and what you think you know. The ground that you stand on will be shaken and you will question everything you have or have ever known about life and the world. Are you ready?

Jesus Christ.

I’m not swearing, okay? Jesus Christ is our saviour. He gives us the gift of eternal life. If we believe in him and confess our sins then we will have received him and his gift for us. What would you like to do for your 1,000th anniversary of being alive?

Jesus is an addiction. The first time you get even a taste of the holy spirit, you’ll want him more and more. You have a metaphorical cup inside your body and the holy spirit fills it up. When you ask for more of God’s presence and  more of him in your life, he will come and overflow your cup.

Get addicted to Jesus today and be ruined forever.

If you have a bad addiction that you can’t control like drugs, drinking or smoking, don’t worry. Let Jesus come into your life, and you will be addicted to him. When you are addicted to Jesus christ, all the other addictions are meaningless and not as strong because Jesus Christ is the only thing we need to sustain us. This will not happen straight away.

Please come to Victory Christian Church to hear more sermons about God.


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