No way, yes way, may-bay

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “No, Thanks.”

Hi. The writing prompt today is to write about a country that you don’t want to visit. Well,there are many places, but here are my top 5.

1. Malaysia

Although I go to singapore every several years or so because I have relatives there, and Malaysia is so close to Singapore that you don’t have to board a plane to go from one place to another, at the moment, I don’t want to go to Malaysia. The quality in planes is not very good, and I have a feeling there are other not so nice things to find in Malaysia. However, is saying all this, when I went there last time, and even though I’d lost my phone, my relatives took me to have Bak kut teh (herbal) soup and it was very good. So I hope that one day, I will be brave enough to go to Malaysia again and have Buk kut teh soup with my relatives. At the moment though, I’m happy with visiting its neighbour; singapore.

2. Middle east

I’m scared of living in the middle east. In yr 10, social studies was pretty full on and gruesome in terms of what we learnt and what we saw. In one topic, I think it was human rights, and we watched a video. It told the story of a woman who had been asked for her hand in marriage but he refused him. This man believed that “if i can’t have her, then no one will”, and he splashed acid on her face, disfiguring and scarring her for life. There were other women too but this particular woman had been disfigured because she was trying to save her sister. Any ways, middle east is a pretty scary place and while the muslims will say not all of us are terrorists, well, all terrorists are more or less muslims and from middle east aren’t they? A lot of countries will not deny this even if they haven’t personally kept up to date with all the terrorist groups in the world. I know this may be wrong and judgemental for me to say, but this is what I feel. I feel that there are no black terrorists and while there may be westerners as terrorists, they are not the leader.

3. Korea

I wouldn’t like to got to korea because I don’t like how there is conflict between the north and south where they don’t even know or care about their past, their history and what exactly happened to cause this segregation between the north and south of Korea. I can’t even find out any information about their history. The North Korean people are much more poorer than the south. Their government is different from the south and the people are not allowed to travel out of North Korea. South korea is a bit more exciting and nicer, and although I’d love to see Oppa Oscar from Running Man, I don’t want to go to a country that’s so blind to its people.  Note: he’s not actually called Oscar, but he’s a bit orange, and well, Oscar is a long story).

4. Germany

When I think of Germany, I think of Hitler and World war two. I think of destruction, evil cruel men and women, genocide, racism and destruction and suffering. I think this is a great and beautiful country who after all these years since the war, still needs forgiveness and still needs healing. This is a country that has a bloody ground. The only reason why I’d go to Germany, is to create a much better perspective and opinion of the country, and to think of something else about Germany other than it’s history. Yes, they had hitler, but that was in the past and we or I have got to move on from there and let it go. I’d also go because of anne frank. i want to see where she went into hiding from the nazis, even though i feel uncomfortable that where she was in hiding is now called a constructed attraction. I don’t want to be attracted to this kind of place with such a tragic back story. I want to learn about the war and experience things. I love the story about her and her father. He loved Anne so greatly which I knew from the book, but I really felt his love when i found out the story behind getting the book ready and published. Do I sound like a young man from “back in the day”, saying how he’d love to go to war to “experience new thing and have an adventure”. This is one of my reasons for travelling, but of course, I’d never go to war for these reasons. The only thing I’d kill, is for a sub way foot long sandwich,

5. India

And last but not least, I wouldn’t want to go to india. If my friends were to take me, then I’d go because the basic things like a place to sleep would be provided for. At the same time, my indian friends aren’t my closest friends. I don’t even have their contact number. A lot of people in India don’t have this privilege, like a house, and they live in slums. I’d go because of the colours and vibrancy of India and because it’s diverse. Yes, I’m thinking of Slumdog millionaire as i’m writing this. But I wouldn’t want to go alone because even if I was prepared money wise, I would easily go from a middle class citizen/person to the slums. Seriously. I would be bamboozled again and again simply because I don’t know my way around a map, and i’ll have to ask people on the streets for help. Then there’s the thing about being an asian tourist who can’t speak chinese. Now, I don’t know what the people are like, but there are always those who’ll use tourism to their advantage.

So there you have it. I really like this prompt and who knows, maybe I’ll use this in a story or a book one day.


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February 6, 2015 · 9:39 pm

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