It’s been too long old friend

It’s been a while since I last wrote in my blog. Sorry about that. I would love to bore you with my excuses of being busy for school, what with having tests and such things…but the truth is, i haven’t been studying. Naughty me! The reason, or at least one reason why i haven’t been to my blog till now, dear folks, is because i didn’t go to school on thursday and friday.

And because i didn’t go to school,  and my sister’s laptop which i use for things like blogging and such things, was turned off and i didn’t know the password, and because she’s like “You can only use it if and when you go to school”, so i wasn’t allowed and couldn’t do it even if i tried. Sorry, sorry, sorry times a million.

I have a bio internal tomorrow. Oh my gosh. I’ve passed it last year (don’t ask about this!), but i’m still quite worried about it because i still need to learn definitions and such things, I haven’t gotten feedback on the practise test i emailed my teacher because I emailed it on sunday and she wrote back today saying; “You DO know the test is tomorrow, right?” Gulp. No, I didn’t know that. Oh my, oh my. what am I going to do?

I can only thank god and my lucky stars that i went to school today. I was feeling up to it but honestly; it’s a push! Well, that smell of meat is calling me to dinner. So good bye for now. Just a heads up; I’ve borrowed a book about web writng, so I expect to improve in terms of my writing and content. WATCH THIS SPACE!!!


From, Ching Ern, The author


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Did you know this?

I think I might change my blog site to “library nerd”. haha. Anyways, you know what I’ve found out today? that there are computers in the library near my school AND it free to use. Yeah, I just signed up for it and used it for about two hours today. Man, the library has so much to offer you know what I mean? Like before, I loved to buy books because I wanted it to be mine and only borrowed in school library.-and then I’d cringe if the book there is something I had bought. And now, I’m requesting books and putting them on hold to the left and the right. I don’t even know where these books come from, but they come alright.

And now? Instead of always using my sister’s laptop-like I’m doing right now-I can go to the library and use the computers for 3 hours a day! Yippee!

This will definitely be nice for both me and my sister. Me, because I worry about over using her laptop. And for her, it’d be nice to not have someone hogging it all the time. Also, I don’t like mac books after what happened to my teachers. (If you’re interested for these school stories, leave a comment below and I’ll write a blog post on what happened).

So, I’m starting to really like the library both as a reader and a writer. I’m also respecting the library a lot more. I remember in yr 8, I didn’t want to be a librarian, but now, I don’t know, maybe I could be and it cold be fun. -or i could also volunteer. I’m quite into that idea.

Ciao Xx Ching

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‘Sea Scarf’ and other poems by Victoria Mosley

Didn’t know how to comment on her blog, so I’ll do it here: I really like Poethead poems. Although I am not a huge fan of poems and therefore, can not provide any insights etc. but there was imagery and mood/emotion. I particularly liked the one about the sea and the one for her father.


Shiny shine

Milk on the turn
midnight history muffles
owl’s cry: narcissus pulsing
through dull earth to release
birthday colour.
I’ve become muted: afraid
of the shine shine glitter
hidden here as time
brushes messages
on parched skin.
Pacing corridor
always waiting for
sun – skim star-burn
impatient of humdrum
yearning magnificence.
Milk on the turn
garden hovers to unfurl
blossom of spring: new joy
pulsates at the click click clunk
of the white sea gate.

Sea scarf

Sea a black scarf
wrapped around the harbour
it’s cold tonight, so cold
the wind is taut
& moon hangs silent
huge immobile willing.
Sea sends whispers
of how it should be
sailors ghosts ride high
their songs mixed with
mermaids breath
the slink of seal at rest.
Sea calls to me
I’m immune caught up
beach sweeps a canvas
of wind ,water ,longing

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How to write a book review

It is all too difficult to explain someone how to do something and why or how something works and why. This is because what may work for me, may not work for you. What may be clear instructions to me, may not be to you. Indeed, you gets to choose what is “easy” and what is “hard”? Everyone would know in general that calculus is hard, yet most people would rather take calculus than stats. Anyways, going away from school things, this is a “How to” on writing book reviews, composed by me from various internet sources.

How to write a book review:

Read the book first. This is pretty common sense.

  1. Write the author’s name, the title of the novel/story, the genre, publication date and publisher.
  2. Write a brief synopsis or overview of the story
  3. State your thesis (are you recommending this book?), and provide an introduction which highlights all the points covered in review
  4. Point one: what do you like about it? Name something broad so that you can talk a lot about it. This is namely the “first body paragraph” but can take more than one paragraph. It’s better to have two middle sized paragraphs, then one big one.
  5. Point two: What do you like about it? Or you can answer something else such as What did the book make you think about? -a theme question. But you would still have to mention one scene that showed this.
  6. Point three: What do you like about it? Is there a favourite scene or a favourite character? If so, why? what didn’t you like? If you’re answering these two questions, then these are two separate points. However, if you are recommending a novel/story, it’s best to not say anything negative about it.

Then you have finished draft one of the review. The next step would be to edit but wait a while. Because I am going to be writing book reviews, I will follow these instructions and then wait a while. After that, I will post a “How to improve your book review”. Then, I will post my book reviews. So stay tune for all of that happening!

Also, please feel free to write something in the comment below. How do you write book reviews? What good books have you read recently? Or, maybe you’re not so keen on reading, if so, why?

Take care.


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Write practise

This post goes to the Write practise. I have been a subscriber to them for many months and though I don’t always read what they send me, with the exception of today, I really admire their work and their successfulness. I reccommend everyone who is following my blog as well as anyone else reading this and anyone who likes to write, to subscribe to “the write practise”, read their posts and do their 15 practises because it’ll help you.

I have wanted to do exercises or warm ups before I write my story for a while now, but i haven’t really been able to do that until i actually read the stuff in my inbox (sent by write practise), and actually did the practises at the end of each posts. I’ve done this three times and i’ve got to say that it’s actually fun; something that has been missing in my writing for a while. I mean, i’d like to think and say that writing is fun for me, but it hasn’t really been like that because it’s been planning and sitting on my butt when i don’t want to, and always thinking “I need to write right now, I need to write,” when I’m doing something like sleeping, or doing my school work, or eating, or hanging out with my friends. These things are important too you know. But doing the practises posted at the end of every blog post in “write practise” is really fun, I can do it in my own time, i’m not pressured to do them everyday if at all. And i do them because I want to do them which is something I sorely miss; to write because I love it and I want to do it. Although, i’m not going to lie; there’s a benefit to feeling compelled to HAVE to write everyday. It all comes to discipline I suppose, that, and having felt how hard it can be, how joyous and fun it can be. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

My own DIY practise:

What makes you happy? What gets you up in the morning? Write in the comments below.

And now for the practise:

Write about a time where you felt totally free from everything, totally relaxed and doing something that is fun instead of feeling like a chore or work.

Another practise:

Write about a time where the thing you loved doing became a burden that you had to do everyday or month. You used to love it when you had the time, but with uni or whatever’s happening in your life, this hobby/thing that you love is just taking up too much time.

Have a good day always.

-Ching Ern Yeh

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Time management

“Yes, can i have one bottle of Time Management please?”

You can but almost anything from a super market or trade me. And with the evolution and new discoveries of modern science, we can create almost anything using stem cells. There are so many possibilities. but there is still things money can’t and will never be able to buy. One of those things is Time management. Often we over look this becasue we simply don’t have the time to “deal” with it but whether you like it or not, we all need time management skills and most of us have poor skills of this.

We need time management in school, whether for NCEA or school exams and homework. And we need it as we get older, moving into uni and work. We need it for outside of work, to balance between work, family, other commitments and so on. There are so many things we want to do in a day, but often, we don’t do even half of those things because other things to do, comes up on the priority list. Take it from me.

Recently, I’ve needed to really look at my time management skills and realise that not only is there not much to look at, but that this is a really big problem in my life, for the short term and the long run as well. So on monday night, I create a little to do list from tuesday to friday to split the things i need to do into manageable chunks. The reason why i couldn’t do everything i wanted to do on monday, was because there were too much stuff to do and because i was at my friend’s house for almost the whole day, or at least for the whole chunk of the day. On tuesday, i went to corn wall park and one tree hill with my friends, but i managed to do everything on the list for tuesday, everything, that is, except for writing a short story.

Today, I couldn’t use my sister’s laptop until around 6ish pm. That was because it’s her laptop so she uses it whenever she wants to. But before then, I used my time pretty well by reading a lot. I’m reading the divergent series and i’m onto the last book. I also wrote a chapter or a little bit less than a chapter to my newest story; Bridget Jone’s daughter. It’s also a diary and it’s about yr 7 and 8. Even though i started out writing as a girl in yr 7, i’m still hesitating whether i should start at yr 7 or 8 becasue yr 8 seems a bit more “interesting” with lots more things to write than yr 7. On the other hand, i know i need to take this slowly because since this is based on my real life and experiences and feelings and stuff, i want to go slowly and not crash and burn. Words hurt, you know, words hurt…The story may be therapy story i.e. not to be sold publicly ANYwhere.

But the bottom line is, I used my time wisely. Maybe I could’ve written a bit more with my other novel, and maybe I could’ve written one short story, but otherwise, I’m feeling pretty good about myself and about what I’ve done today. It’s slowly but surely getting there and ticking everything off my to do list for Wednesday.

IT’s the first week of the holidays and 1. it sucks that I have so much school stuff to do and 2. it sucks that it’s already wednesday.

Tomorrow, I have to plan the things that i want/need to do around a visit from my cousin, Gloria who’s 12 yrs old, not at all in my BJ diary book, and is coming at 9am for the whole day pretty much.

I’m still learning about time management and truthfully, i’m not overly enthusiastic about learning more about it but I have to and i will with google. Also, from you guys. Please say something int he comments below. Do you like this blog post? is it boring? What do you have to say about time management?


Ching Ern Yeh

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. As a chistrian, Easter means more to me than the average chocolate loving person. I love chocolate yes, but i also love easter because of what it means in my life and religion. Easter is the day when Jesus Christ, my saviour rose from the dead. He broke the gates of hell and gave us freedom. He gave us everlasting life. I don’t mean to preach, sorry. Maybe i’m more of an evangelism than any other kind of christian despite being pentecostal.

Last week, I helped out at children’s church and we had an easter hunt. Needless to say, some kids went a little bit crazy on their hunt to find chocolate easter eggs. I don’t even know how chocolate eggs and easter linked together. Apparently it’s about “the way of life” as the leader had said in the easter party. And like the boy at the back said; “This doesn’t make any sense”. Lol. Seriously, i could’ve cracked up if i wasn’t a leader, was still a kid.

Anyways, I don’t know if you re-read things you’ve already read before, but I’ve fixed up some of my earlier posts, so if you want you can re read them and give me comments? Please? I would really love some comments.

Also, if ever you have the time, please go on Wattpad, register and then find me. I don’t have any stories uploaded at the moment, but if you could just follow me for the time being, and i’ll be sure to post things soon. I’ll let you know. Plus, there are heaps of writers on wattpad that are far better writers and readers than me. So check it out.

That’s all from me for now. Happy Easter. Take care and God bless.

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